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Despite the fact that the majority of its residents are Hispanics, the city also has a large African American population. The city is a multicultural place, with people of different cultures and backgrounds residing in the same neighborhoods. Before European-American settlement, there were many different ethnic groups in Omaha, including the Missouri, Pawnee, and Ioway. Additionally, immigrants from Africa and the Middle East also populated the area.

The CHI Health Center is the largest convention center in Omaha, with a capacity of over 900,000 people. The venue is complemented by a two million dollar public art project, Illumina, which features 40 sculptures inspired by the 13th Century Carnival of Venice. With a variety of arts, museums, and cultural institutions, Omaha offers something for everyone. Its diverse culture makes it an exciting place to visit. A fun and informative sightseeing tour of this vibrant Midwestern city will leave you inspired.

The Old Market is a pedestrian-only shopping district with eclectic stores. You can see the oldest buildings in the city, and you can take a hot air balloon ride. In the heart of downtown Omaha, you can also visit the Gene Leahy Mall, which is a pedestrian-only area. You can also check out the beautiful heart-shaped fountain in the Heartland of America Park, which is where the college World Series is held each June. The Old Market is a great place to see live music and enjoy an ice cream cone in the summer.