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Which Type of Yoga Is Right For You?

Omaha yoga

There are many great Yoga classes in Omaha that will fit your schedule and lifestyle. Many of the schools teach by offering retreat-style classes that fit into your vacation time. This way you can attend class and still go on vacation. Omaha yoga classes offer fitness routines that target all the muscles in the body.

You have many different options to choose from when deciding which Omaha yoga classes you want to attend. The top Yoga Schools in Omaha include Power Yoga - Level I, II, III, IV. Again, uses a scheduling system with one upper limit on classes. Power Yoga uses breathwork, mantras, music, and light to create an energy flow, as well as focus and awareness to facilitate the transition from stand-up to sitting and standing.

Restorative Yoga - Level I, II, III. Restorative Yoga uses techniques such as restorative healing, which helps the body restore balance and health through touch and posture. A massage or soothing music is used to calm the mind. Restorative Yoga combines touch, concentration, and movement to encourage a deep state of relaxation.

Power Yoga - Level I, II, III. Introduces the participant to yoga positions that engage the physical body, but do not require a specific sequence of poses. This allows participants to develop their own skills and preferences in an effort to create a personal practice that meets their needs. This class emphasizes technique over perfect form, which is part of the original intent of yoga. Power Yoga also requires self-awareness and awareness of one's physical body.

Vinyasa - Level I, II, III. Vinyasa means "a constantly moving" sequence of poses. It utilizes breathwork, movement, and meditation to focus on breath and movement instead of a fixed routine of postures. Vinyasa yoga classes focus on deep breathing and being able to control the movements of the body. Vinyasa is very dynamic and does not focus on a static posture.

Power Yoga. Poses are focused on a series of muscle groups rather than a single joint. Power yoga is sometimes called "flow yoga" or "power yoga." This type of yoga usually includes components of Ashtanga, Flow, or Hot yoga. The emphasis is on using your body's physical strength as a tool to help expand consciousness.

Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga is perhaps the most common style of Yoga taught in Omaha. It is a basic style of hatha yoga that uses a flowing, repetitive series of poses. Hatha also utilizes breathwork to help maintain a sense of unity within the mind. Most students of this style focus on achieving a sense of inner balance and on connecting with one's mind, body, and spirit.

Raja Yoga. Raja yoga is probably most recognized by its spelling, Rishi. It is the most advanced form of Yoga with a strong emphasis on spirituality. The student will learn the ancient teachings of Yoga through a guru who will guide the student through the many practices of Yoga. Many students find Raja yoga classes very spiritual.

Deep South Yoga. The focus of Deep South Yoga is on the internal world. Students learn how to ground themselves to realize their own full potential. This class is very mental and focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of Yoga.

The Black Hills. The Black Hills is a challenging style of Yoga that draws its origins from a sacred Indian temple in the foothills of the Himalayas. The history of the temple is rich with tradition and mysticism, as is the history of the students. This form of yoga is an extremely physical exercise that has been practised for centuries. Black Hills yoga classes are excellent for beginners looking to develop a strong body-mind.

Omaha yoga offerings are abundant. Omaha is lucky to have such a rich offering of fitness styles. Each of the above-mentioned styles offers something different. As you search for the Yoga class that's right for you, try to pay close attention to your body mind and soul. Then, match that with the type of Yoga you wish to do.

Some Omaha Yoga studios offer classes year-round in various formats. Be sure to check out all options before signing up. Doing so will ensure that you will be able to attend when you feel it is necessary. Being in shape is important for our overall health, but Yoga classes can help us reach our goals. Consider the above Yoga styles, as options, to find the Yoga class that's right for you.