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The Omaha city government is comprised of five council districts, including one for African Americans, one for white residents, and one for other residents. The city is located in the extreme eastern part of Nebraska along the Missouri River and Iowa border. The most comfortable months to live in Omaha are June, September, and May. The most uncomfortable month is January. Listed below are some things to consider before moving to Omaha. If you are moving to Omaha, be sure to research the area's public schools.

Omaha city

There are several ways to explore the nightlife in Omaha. If you want to experience a dive bar atmosphere, check out the Homy Inn. For craft cocktails, try Wicked Rabbit and Alice. The Max is a drag bar that has some of the best dance parties in the city. You can also check out the Beercade to play classic arcade games. There are also numerous art galleries and street performers to see. If you want a more intimate setting, take in a stand-up comedy show at Omaha Funny Bone.

The recent warm weather has prompted Omaha City work crews to make repairs to city streets. On the same day that the city's work crews were finishing their street repair projects, Lynn Sauer took advantage of the unusually warm November weather and played golf. She told me that the wind wasn't blowing today, which made for a perfect day for golfing. It was a perfect day for it, and it was sunny and mild.