today is Jul 01, 2022

The boundaries of the Omaha city council will be changed as the population of the area grows by 19% between 2010 and 2020. The proposed changes are based on the 2010 Census, with minor adjustments needed to make the districts more equal. However, council president Pete Festersen emphasized that the district boundaries must still be compact. After careful consideration, a commissioner of elections drew the new precinct boundaries. During the last general election, the Omaha City Council approved the boundaries and an election is expected to be held in 2020.

Omaha city

While many Americans have stayed away from the city for years, this has not kept Omaha from growing. The city is home to several museums and other attractions, and it is a popular destination for tourists. In fact, the Old Market is the city's oldest neighborhood, with cobblestone streets, seductive shops, and delicious restaurants. In addition to nightlife, this area features fascinating art galleries and street performers. During WWII, a Japanese balloon bomb exploded in this district, which is why it is a historic area.

Besides the Old West, Omaha has numerous historical landmarks that are worthy of a visit. In addition to the Old Market and the Pioneer Cemetery, the city also has the former town of Saratoga. Some of these places are still open to the public. In addition, the town of Kountze Park is home to the Trans-Missississississippi Exposition. The Southside is also home to the historic Kountze Park, and the old Union Pacific Depot are a must-see.