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Omaha city

While many people know Omaha as the home of the University of Nebraska, the city's ethnic makeup is quite diverse. The city has a large Asian population and about one-tenth of the population is of European ancestry. The majority of the city's residents are Hispanic, but the African-American and Pacific Islander populations have experienced rapid growth. Some people are of mixed racial and ethnic backgrounds. But the diversity of the city's population is a strong asset, and its ethnic composition is well-representative of the area.

If you want to learn more about the area's history and culture, the Joslyn Art Museum has a variety of international artwork for you to view. The Durham Museum features a replica 1915 grocery store and real train cars. And the Bluebarn Theatre shows national and local plays, including touring Broadway musicals. If you have kids, the Omaha Children's Theater has plenty of fun activities for everyone. It's also home to the famous Fun-Plex water park, which offers a giant wave pool and lazy river.

A neighborhood called Little Italy has a large Italian population. It is known for its authentic pizza and Italian cuisine, and a historical monument commemorating the famous restaurant is located on the South Side. Downtown Omaha is home to the original park in the city. The historic site of the Lone Tree Ferry and Notre Dame Academy are also located in the Florence district. In the 1850s, a group of Scandinavian settlers came to Omaha to join the Mormon Church. They later became involved in many different types of businesses, including the railroad industry.