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Omaha is a large and growing city in Nebraska. Many people love the diversity of the state and its people. Its cultural and historical attractions are also well worth a visit. The city's many attractions include the Union Pacific Center, the Holland Performing Arts Center, and the Omaha Children's Museum. If you are planning a trip to Omaha, there are plenty of things to do for all ages. But what makes the city so special?

Omaha city

In addition to being a great place to live, work, and play, Omaha is known for its many activities. Its rapid growth has necessitated the development of its urban infrastructure. The city's central role in the history of transportation has given it the nickname of "Gate City of the West." The Union Pacific Railroad began construction in Omaha on the eastern portion of the first transcontinental railroad. Nearly every major railroad ceased service in the area, which reduced the city's revenues.

One of the first neighborhoods to be settled in Omaha was Florence. The neighborhood was settled by Italian immigrants who came to work in Union Pacific shops. Another area that experienced a large immigrant population was Scandinavian. The town's Czech population was significant, and the Czechs had a large political influence. They contributed to the city's rich cultural life, as evidenced by the Notre Dame Academy and Convent and Czechoslovak Museum. Other neighborhoods include the Lincoln Parks and the University of Nebraska.