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The population of Omaha is composed of African Americans and people of European descent. About four-fifths of Omaha's residents are of European ancestry, and about one-tenth are of African American descent. Other ethnic groups represent the rest of the population, including Asians and Pacific Islanders. Listed below are some of the important neighborhoods in the city. All are home to diverse cultures and are worth visiting. Some of them are listed below.

Omaha city

Located west of downtown Omaha is Old Market, a historic area filled with seductive shops, restaurants, and nightlife. It is also home to a Japanese balloon bomb explosion during World War II. As for entertainment, you will want to check out the local museums and galleries. And if you have a sense of history, you'll want to visit the University of Nebraska at Omaha. You'll find a wide range of museums and galleries in the university's Student Center.

The Omaha City Council is a great place to start your business. Whether you're looking for a career in the arts, a new job, or just to have a great time, you'll find plenty of opportunities in Omaha. And the state of Nebraska has many things to offer visitors. A variety of businesses can be found in the area, including a college campus, a sports complex, and a public library.